Architectural Glazing and Balustrading

Architectural Glazing and Balustrading

Glass Balustrades are a fantastic addition to any build project whether it be internal or externally. Primarily used as a safety barrier, creating a barrier between one area to another. Glass balustrades are very versatile and come in different styles and glass specifications. Glass Balustrades are a popular architectural glazing design feature on many building projects, used either internally or externally, to create a clear yet strong safety barrier, to commercial and domestic applications, such as feature staircases, landings, raised window beds, mezzanine edges, walkways, and many other areas. Where edge protection is required, yet contemporary design, unobstructed vision and light is also a requirement.

Strucutral Safety Glass Balustrading

Using toughened/ toughened laminated structural safety glass ranging from 15mm to 40mm thick, and a wide range of handrail options in either stainless steel/ timber. We can offer a variety of installation methods to suit any application to include dry clamping channel systems, 2-part epoxy resin systems and direct bolting of glass to sub structure.  All systems can be designed to create an amazing look, whilst still complying with the latest building regulations Part K1.

Glass canopies can be designed in a variety of sizes, styles, gradients, and specifications.

Glass canopies provide excellent cover from weather, whilst maintaining a contemporary and sleek look to any building exterior. Our products come in a range of glass types and stainless steel and aluminium support systems.

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