Structural Glazing

Structural Glazing

Structural glazing is glass that is integral to the design of a building, it involves a mixture of self-supporting glass panels, glass fins and structural steelwork and  is at the forefront of façade design. It offers complete design flexibility providing architects and designers a wide range of applications, Structural Glazing is often referred to as Frameless Glazing or Planar Glazing and has been used throughout the world in all major cities and commercial centres to create stunning facades, windows, roofs and entrance systems.

Creating stunning glass buildings with more light and a greater feeling of space, these fully engineered systems offer minimum structure and maximum visual clarity.

The beauty of structural glass is to create completely frameless facades without the limitations you would incur with other systems. With options single or high-performance double-glazed systems we can offer different glass specifications to include safety, security, thermal and solar properties options to meet the needs of buildings with uncompromised design.

Also Called Frameless Glazing

Structural glazing can be used to create glass installations with minimal obstruction and is an exciting alternative to framed glazing systems such as Curtain Walling, it enables us to create glass walls, roofs and floors to enhance the design and appearance of a wide range of buildings, and an ever-expanding scope of possibilities for innovative architectural design using modern streamlined products.

Structural glazing systems are frameless walls of toughened or laminated glass set in layers, these layers can be four or five deep, the resulting glass can be single, double or triple glazed. that are attached using silicone bonding, or anchored by means of rods, cables, glass fins and other architectural structural brackets. Glass Fins or Struts provide the most unobtrusive support methods, and a continuous wall of structural glazing supported by glass fins can appear to be entirely unsupported.

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Other systems include steel rods or vertical cables, both of which allow for greater height of unsupported spans.

Structural glazing is largely seen on commercial buildings, but it can also be used in many other glazing applications, including Shopfronts, Entrances, Skylights, Canopies, High Strength Glass Floors, Glazed Links and Glass Enclosures to lifts.

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